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TGIF Tech-April 29th

In case you have just come off a deserted island or emerged from a cave that did not have wifi, you might have heard about the Royal Wedding so I thought I would start with a couple ways to keep … Continue reading

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Bibliographies made easy

I don’t know about you but I can still remember learning how to make bibliographies in school. It was always a horrible topic filled with commas, semi-colons, underlining, looking through books for the right information, etc. Today however, it couldn’t … Continue reading

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One of Those "Little" Lessons

Third grade has just finished their unit on researching and non-fiction writing. This project always culminates wiht the Grade 3 wax museum where students dress up as their famous person and answer questions asked to them by parents and fellow … Continue reading

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Getting Out of the Office

(The above picture has nothing to do with digital literacy) There are times where I have to force myself out of my office. Between the constant deluge of emails, administering different portal apps that we use here at school and … Continue reading

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