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200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

A great graphical/visual representation of statistics of economic growth over the last 200 years. This would be a great project for kids to undertake for a data collection project. The content and the video its self are both worth the … Continue reading

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We’ve Been Busy

Grades 1,3 and 5 have been extremely busy infusing technology into their classes as we lead up to the ’08-’09 holiday break. Grade 1 has been working in Kidspiration on two different assignments. First we developed a “Healthy vs. Unhealthy” … Continue reading

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Recess for Teachers

I was reading over Mike Bogle’s article last night and it resonated with thoughts I have been having about teacher play time-or teacher recess as I will begin to refer to it. As a tech integrator it is often frustrating … Continue reading

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Narratives for the Elementary

I came across Skoodlez today in one of my tweets from Gary Stager. This looks far more interesting to use with Young ES students than Webkinz. I am sure there are some of the commercial elements built into it much … Continue reading

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It’s Friday So I’ll Keep It Brief

Two things I will share today…. First, I stumbled upon this quote yesterday from Jack Welsh, former CEO of General Electric. I thought it highly relevant to the state of education in the US and internationally today. Hopefully it will … Continue reading

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