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Get it done…

Thanks to Clay for finding and posting this one.  Doug Reeves explaining why zeros on papers lead to zero in student achievement.

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Why Some Schools Choose to Not Change

This week has been a frustrating week for me. Anyone who has worked in Ed. Tech for any amount of time has had days/weeks like this one. Weeks where nothing seems to work, connection speeds are slow, inconsistent, or nonexistent, … Continue reading

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Recess for Teachers

I was reading over Mike Bogle’s article last night and it resonated with thoughts I have been having about teacher play time-or teacher recess as I will begin to refer to it. As a tech integrator it is often frustrating … Continue reading

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This story came to me through my subscription to the North American Council for Online Learning forums today. Being a Michigander the message hit a little closer to “home”. TOM WATKINS, president and CEO of TDW and Associates, a business … Continue reading

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