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200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

A great graphical/visual representation of statistics of economic growth over the last 200 years. This would be a great project for kids to undertake for a data collection project. The content and the video its self are both worth the … Continue reading

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Guitar Lessons Gone Digital

Ok, I have to admit it, its the tech part of me that is responsible for this but I think my guitar teacher is getting phased out….for my laptop. It isn’t that he is not a good teacher or anything, … Continue reading

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Of Big Hair and Social Networking

Remember the good old days when things like Calvin Klein jeans, big plastic combs in your back pocket, Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, and big hair bands were all the rage. Remember what we referred to these things as? Fads. That is … Continue reading

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An Intersting Week Indeed

Last week was one of those weeks where I left school with a bit of a headache. No, don’t worry, it was not a medical issue and I was not hungover, but I appreciate your concern. Actually it was the … Continue reading

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