i…It’s mine, It’s me, the technology facilitator, the  Distinguised Educator, the Ph.D candidate, the consultant, the coordinator. This is who I am, these are beliefs about school(s), education, elearning, instructional design, ES technology integration,, and life in general.

learn…is what I do. Everyday. It is as much my job as my “real” job.  Wanting to learn and being curious are the two greatest gifts I hope to pass on to my 2 children. At the heart of my learning is a belief that technology is changing and will change education if we let go of our restrictive paradigms and hang-ups. Education is not a linear path as school would suggest. My learning has taken me to pursue my Ph.D, learn how to surf, windsurf, and kitesurf. I continue to learn how to be a better husband and father.

initiative…is what got me into this mess. It led me to create my own site, my own blog. i hope my kids get the initiative to learn and wonder and find their passions…actually i would be happy right now if they had the initiative to pick up their toys. Initiative is what we need more of in our schools…and what our schools must learn to support in their teachers and administrators if we hope to move forward.  Initiative is what changed my path. Initiative and determination have led me to live on 3 continents, visit over 20 countries, to learn another language, to learn how to surf, windsurf, and kitesurf. Initiative has led me to my passions, my passions have led me here.

ilearninitiative.org is maintained by me, Jeff Dungan. I Currently living in Shanghai, China with my wife and two kids. I still come to work everyday excited to see what happens. I enjoy talking about education, I also enjoy talking about complete nonsense. I enjoy anything involving warm water and wind and spending time with my family. We are an international family, with our kids being born in 2 different countries-Colombia and the Dominican Republic. I have HUGE plans and they involve changing the face of k-12 education and beyond-the world over…no really. Now, if only I could find my keys.

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