TGIF Tech-May 13th

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TGIF all,
And, another one’s down, another one’s down, another one bites the dust….Here we are closing in on only 5 Mondays left in the school year.

Tech Showcase:
Right now we have some pretty incredible projects underway that we will put out next week when these projects are finished. These include:
-A 5th grade class will be making iMovie recordings of their SMART goals. What will be different is that they will be getting instruction from video recordings I posted to the teacher since I was booked for another class. Call it “near distance” learning. You can see the first two parts of the lesson here:
-4th Graders using Google Maps to trace and mark the stops along the famed Silk Road, adding annotations to the points on the map. We will publish links to these next week.
-3rd graders are knee deep in a greenscreening project that has them doing some very advanced iMovie editing. This whole project has been done by the kids. Classes will start to finish these next week so stay tuned.
-1st Grade is using the great resources at Foss Web to study insects. Here is the graphic organizer we used.
-Kinder is making a three part digital story in Kidpix and Keynote.

FALL Tech PD Opportunities:
Don’t forget registration for Learning 2.0 at SCIS Pudong is well underway. Spots are limited so please sign up. I think it is $300 for Friday-Sunday.
An another in Japan-YIS-Chis Betcher and Kim Cofino.. You’ll come back glowing with excitement. This is  agreat one for those wanting to explore Personal Learning Networks and harnessing the power of Web 2.0 fo your own self-directed professional growth.

Educational Sites:
This week YouTube released 10 Educational full length videos for free. There are some great ones in here and some good discussion starters for those “hidden curriculum” lessons that you guys are teaching students all the time.
Graphic Organizers
Here is one for everyone. Who doesn’t use Graphic Organizers? This site is a wealth of them. This one is an ESOL dream…
Literacy (From Tek Tok blog)
If you are looking to make a summer reading list for your class, you will like this one. Provide them with some of the books recommended and reviewed on the ReadKiddoRead Web site. The books arranged according to age: picture books for 0-8, transitional books for age 6 and older, great page turners for ages 8 and above, and great advanced books for ages 10 and above. There are over 170 reviews on only the books that kids are sure to gobble up! Click the Community link or the Educators link at the top of the page to find lesson plans for a host of books that are used in the classroom — such as James and the Giant Peach, Harry Potter, Charlotte’s Web, Clementine,and more.
Math (From Tek Tok blog)
Time is of the essence as students rush to fill customer orders in this online ice cream shop. They need to convert fractions to mixed numbers, piling on the correct scoops of ice cream and adding up orders correctly to fill the orders, all before the clock runs out.
Enter the parameters for the lowest and highest numbers you want your students to review in this online practice with prime numbers, then have them correctly identify each number as prime or composite.

Tech Buzz
This week there has been a lot on twitter and in the news about using the power of chat in the classroom? Sound crazy, allowing kids to chat online in class? Not at all. In fact it is a great way to get those quiet kids whose voices don’t get heard enough, to contribute to class discussions, brainstorms, etc. Here is a good article from the NY Times on backchanneleing in class. They use HS/MS classes as an example, but believe me, we can easily do this in an ES class.
Want to try Back channeling out for yourself? Here is a great site to use.
How about quick learning checks (formative assessments) while kids are using the machines. Try this one to get instant feedback on student learning:

Last but not Least…
Ok, if you are at all like me, with summer closing in, my mind turns to thinking about summer and all the great stuff I cannot wait to buy over the summer. After all what fun is making money if you can’t spend it right? I use Craigs List a lot in the summer to shop for stuff. If you do too, then you will love Craiggers. Let’s face it, the Craig’s List site kinda sucks and takes a million clicks to get to the search for the item you want. Craiggers, fixes that and automatically does the clicking for you. Check it out:
Want to make sure you are getting a good price on something. Try The Find. I use this site all the time to compare prices at a glance. Search for the item you want and The Find will bring back all the places you can find it online with prices. You can even search locally.

Enjoy the sunshine,
Jeff Dungan
 Distinguished Educator
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