Shanghai Goes Wild

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The Shanghai Goes Wild project is well underway with many classes starting to finish their drawings and starting to draw their partners drawings. This is always an exciting time for me with this project as you start to see the comparisons between the original artwork of the author and the rendition drawn by their partner only using the written description. I am always amazed at the number of pictures that get drawn with close resemblance. A great example of this is the 1 LF Class Page. These are first graders and some of the kids really nailed it.

One thing I am struggling to get going in this project is the communication between classes. I have given instructions on how to use the discussion tab and ideas for how to use it with teacher’s partner class but it doesn’t see to be taking off. If ou have any ideas how to improve this, please send them my way. Also, while the project is closed for 2011, spread the good word about Shanghai Goes Wild to your ES teachers for 2012.

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