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Happy Friday all,

A couple sites for you to look at. But before we start a little humor. Here is a funny clip from Louie CK on Conan Obrien. It is called Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy. Sorry in advance for some of the profane language in the comments below the vid.

A couple of Professional Development links for you this week….

This one was passed on from Debbie Lane my way. It comes from Harvard. IT is called Nine Hot Web Tools for Students
One worth checking out for grades 3-5 in this article is Scratch. It is a programming language out of MIT and it is awesome. I just wrapped up my ASA using this and the kids were really into it. By the end of five classes I had one student who had almost finished programming a very simple video game of his own. He was a 4th grader.

Some people have asked me for recommendations of good ed. tech. blogs to read for new ideas. This is a good place to start for ES Tech.

Last but not least. For those of you returning next year. Learning 2.0 is back! This year SCIS Pudong will host the weekend conference. You can read more on their site:

Here are 3 Good Literacy sites for use in your classroom From the TEkTOk Blog
Book Adventure
Parents and teachers looking for ways of motivating youngsters to read will find Book Adventure a wonderful resource. Students can read books, take quizzes on them, and earn points for correct answers on the quizzes. Kids can redeem accumulated points for prizes. There is a database of quizzes on more than 3,000 popular children’s titles. Using Book Finder, readers can search the titles by author, title, grade level, or interests. Book Finder will then create a reading list that can be printed and used at the library. After reading a book, children go to Quiz-O-Matic to take the corresponding quiz. Quizzes have from five to ten questions, depending on grade level. Teachers or parents can register their children and select literature at the appropriate grade level. There is also a mechanism for keeping track of children’s scores and points earned. Teachers or parents can generate reports. Put this safe, child friendly site for improving reading comprehension at the top of your list.

Read, Write, Think
Literacy teachers will find a gold mine of information and a wide array of standards-based lesson plans that meaningfully integrate Internet content into the teaching and/or learning experience. Each lesson is research based, and includes a detailed instructional plan and such student materials as worksheets, interactives, and Web resources. The lessons make the connection between theory and classroom practice while providing assessments, correlations to national standards and interactive tools to assist students with a reading or writing activity. Lessons can be sorted by grade level (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) and by three areas of literacy practice: learning language, learning about language, learning through language. All recommended Web resources have been reviewed and selected by educators. The selection criteria are posted on the site.
Reading Rockets
The Reading Rockets project was funded by a major grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Designed to be a resource for parents, teachers, principals, and librarians, the site includes sections catered to each of these audiences. The site’s features include reading guides, parent guides, tips for teaching reading, book lists, author interviews, and much more.

Ever wanted to print a banner in Pages like you used to be able to do in MS Publisher? Attached is a template made in MS Word but you can open it in pages.

MAC OS Tip of the week…
We all hate the spinning beach ball of Death especially when you are in the middle of a project but let’s face it, it happens. Use command + option + esc to bring up the Force Quit menu. Choose the application which is stuck and click on the Force Quit Button. This sure beats restarting the machine and you get to use the keyboard shortcuts which is always good for a few extra style points.

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