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Digital/Media Literacy:
I am about to kick off a Digital/Media Literacy Lesson with 5th grade so I thought I would include links to the resources we will be using. Hopefully you can get some use from them.

Here are 2 articles for Web site Evaluation written for educators. Take a look. There are other articles and resources linked to within the reading.

Here is an A3 printout for your classrooms with the 5 W’s of Website Evaluation and a website evaluation form (from K. Schrock).

Fact Monster:
For younger students who are not quite ready to navigate Refdesk, Fact Monster from Information Please is the tool to use. The Reference Desk on this site features a layout that is designed for easy fact-finding and includes timelines and an almanac, atlas, dictionary, and encyclopedia, as well as a Homework Center. Students can also search by visually identified topics or by typing in keywords. Check out fun features such as Biographies of the Presidents, the Geography Hall of Fame, and the Tallest Buildings Slideshow.

Did you know you can sort your google searches by reading level? It’s true. Here’s how…(Screen Capture Attached Below)
Go to>Click on Advanced Search->under the selection “Need More Tools?” use the drop down to select “show only basic results”. Enter your search query and there you go, Google for Kids. Some hits might still be above reading level, but this is far superior to letting kids go crazy on Google.

Locating Keywords:
Help kids locate keywords quickly in any web browser or document. Use Command + F and type in the keyword that you want to find. BOOM, there it is. Just like that. Great for ESOL’ers as well. Also works in PDF’s, Pages, and word.

Tech Showcase:
Third grade has been producing some family videos for their community unit. Kids made their own characters and then scripted their families stories. Photos were taken and imported into Keynote and then they narrated their photostory. Besides being a great use of technology integration, kids also learned how to upload media (pics) from an external device (camera). You would be surprised at how few kids new how to do this even though we often assume as digital natives (I hate this term) that they know how to do it all. They still need your help.

Here are a couple examples:

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