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I thought I would take a different tack this week and focus on tech items that are happening here in the ES or resources I have come across that have been shared by other teachers on campus. Other than Date Nights we don’t get the chance to share with other educators on campus to hear what they are doing with tech. If you have great projects you are working on, send them my way so I can share them with everyone. Remember, sharing is caring. ­čśë

This week I have included a couple attachments for you.
Included is a nice math integration idea using Comic Life (you can find this on your Dock). Kids in 3AH took pictures usin

Page_1g digital cameras around campus of fractions (don’t believe me-math is all around us, have a look), uploaded them and added them to comic life with descriptions of the fraction. Have a look and email your tech integrationist if you are interested in using Comic Life in your classroom. The kids love it and this is a creative way to get kids to reflect and explain math concepts learned in class. Click the Thumbnail for ┬álarger version.

-5th Grade has been using Kerpoof which is a super fun, easy to use media creation website. They are using it for creative ways to report out on books that kids are reading durin gReading Olympics. Students love it for

LWW Kerpoofseveral reasons. One, the more you create, the more “Kerpoof money” you earn which they can spend in the online store to add more features for use in Kerpoof. Two, there is a social network side built into it and students can share their work with classmates and their teacher all from within Kerpoof. Three, kids get to be creative and create and in the process of┬ámaking movies in Kerpoof, they also get to learn very basic computer programming skills. Attached is a poster a student made in Kerpoof from 5KC. Thanks 5th grade for providing choices for your students on ways they can report on books and allowing them creative expression in the classroom. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version.

Skype and making Global Connections:
Thanks to Hope Myers and Patrick McMahon who pointed out Skype’s new educational portal: “Skype in the Classroom – Meet new people, discover new cultures and connect with classes from around the world, all without leaving the classroom.” You can connect with your Skype account and create an online profile which takes about five minutes.

To get you jump started, here’s a list of 50 awesome ways to use Skype in the classroom; I personally like #41, where you can log on to ePals and find other teachers and classes around the globe using Skype.

iPhone VPN:
VPN’s are things that hide your IP address on your computer and allow you to get around Firewalls…like China’s. Our school uses them on our network and this is why you are able to access all the sites like Facebook and YouTube here on campus. The Tech staff is pretty amazing at keeping us connected and unblocked seeing as we are behind the great firewall.

But, what happens when you are outside of school and mobile and you want to access sites like FB and YouTube? Fear not, Amanda Decardy has found a nice, easy to install, VPN for your iPhone that is working…for now. It is called Express VPN and it will allow you to get around the Great Firewall on your iPhone. China will probably figure out a way to block this one too, so enjoy it while you can. The first 100mb of data are free and you can opt to buy more if you need it. Best part, it is free!

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