TGIF-Tech 1.21.11

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Here is the weekly staff newsletter. I figured it was about time to start posting these.

Hey all,
I hope your Friday is going well. Here are a couple of Tech sites for your viewing pleasure (adapted from the TekTok Blog).

Please feel free to consult your Tech. Facilitator if you want more ideas on how to best integrate these in your classroom.

Easy Test Maker
You will need to register to use this free online tool, but once you do, you can build your own multiple choice, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, true and false, or matching tests, along with answer sheets and more. Work smarter not harder, let the machine do some of the work for you.

Crossword Puzzle Maker
Simply enter your terms and their definitions – up to twenty terms – and then click to create your printable crossword puzzle. Great for word study or a homework activity for kids to do at home with mom and dad.

Comics Generator
Students will choose from a wide cast of appealing characters – both human and animal – and then write words in their talk bubbles in this Comics Generator tool. Students who have trouble with regular writing exercises may enjoy this alternative method of writing, and it’s a great way to introduce dialogue, character, and plot events. The generator has prompts to help students with their writing, as well as “emotion” choices on selected characters, and scale, flip, and manipulation buttons. Students can edit their text or characters at any time, and can print out or even email the final results.

Wacky Web Tales
Students will enter their own words to generate these Wacky Web Tales by entering dates, adjectives, names, cities, colors, etc., as directed. A “Parts of Speech Help” feature is available; tales cover topics from seasons, to holidays, celebrations, and more. Think of these as online MAD-LIBS like the ones you did in the back of the station wagon on those long drives that you did as a kid with your family.

Instead of a joke this week I am forwarding you this article about internet speeds in Shanghai. It is worth the 2 minute read.
You knew that China’s Internet was slow but did you know it was less than half the speed of the world’s average or that Shanghai’s speed is even worse than the rest of China?

P.S. China now has 457 million Internet users is it any wonder the routers are dropping packets?


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