App-reciation 3 good iPhone/iPad apps

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I ran across these 3 iphone/ipad apps the other day. I have installed all of these and have tested 2 of them with my 2nd grade son. So far, both passed the kid test.

Learn Time Lite-This is a great app for kids just learning to tell time. There are 2 levels that can test kids. the first is just the “O’clocks-1:00, 2:00,etc.”. The next level tests time like the :15s, :30s, etc. You can buy three extra levels of exercises with the paid vesion of this app but for th every basics I don’t think you would need to. This app is free

Math-Minute-This is a great app for getting those basic Math facts down and getting kids away from the finger counting. After the minute is up the app gives your score of right/wrong answers, a percentage and a letter grade. My son who dreads math was hooked on this one this morning while eating his cereal. Costs .99 cents

My Homework-This is a great little organizational app for kids to put their homework assignment. They can add differnt courses to help them keep their assignments straight. Kids can view all their assignments as a list, by day or view the whole month at a glance. This app is free.

Do you have a favorite kids educational app? I would love to hear what you are all using.


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3 Responses to App-reciation 3 good iPhone/iPad apps

  1. Tonya Gerhard says:

    I saw your Facebook post regarding Shanghai Gone Wild and it lead me to your postings here. I’m Lovin’ It, as they say at McDonald’s.
    We have bought quite a few apps for Miss Maeve. My favorite being Teach Me First Grade. It has math, sight words and spelling. As a parent you can set the reward level and the difficulty level. We also like Pop Math.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I am enjoying reading your posts.

  2. jdungan says:

    Those both look good. Thanks, I will post them here. I hope you guys are well. Say hey to Jim and Maeve.

  3. Jeff,
    Awesome blog. Hope all is well in China. Please know that you and the rest of clan Dungan are welcome in Newfoundland anytime.

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