It can be overwhelming

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A great photo from an old friend of mine Bill Farren. In his words…”A partial listing of web 2.0 services screengrabbed from Trying to show how vast this list is becoming by putting them in a single image.”

So what does this mean for a technology facilitator or a teacher or a student? It means we cannot, individually, do it all. We will come to rely on our networks more and more as information continues its exponential growth via the web. As teachers we need to learn it is OK to ask kids for help and learn from them instead of being the gatekeeper of all information. For students it means being networked to find answers or tools that best fit a task. As a tech facilitator it means that we cannot know it all and we must be tapped into a large diverse network to glean the skills and tools necessary to help our students and teachers learn in a connected environment.

In the end it is all about the connections we will make, that we can encourage, not discourage, our students and organizations to make. Bill always does a great job articulating and visually representing these ideas. Please have a look at his blog ed4wb

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  1. Wish the graphic was wrapped around a globe, I think it would give a better sense of being over whelmed

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