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I don’t know about you but I can still remember learning how to make bibliographies in school. It was always a horrible topic filled with commas, semi-colons, underlining, looking through books for the right information, etc. Today however, it couldn’t be easier for kids to properly cite their work with just a few clicks. This week I am making my way around to various 5th grade classes to do a lesson on citing web resources that they are using while researching famous inventors. This is part of a semester long integrated unit called the Invention Convention. There are many sites out there to help with citations but I am showcasing three to the 5th grade classes and then letting them choose which to use based on their personal preference. The three are:

Easy Bib
Bib Me
Son of a Citation Machine

All three of these pretty much work the same it is only the graphical interface that differs between them. They all allow users to choose the format they want their citations in (ex: APA, MLA, etc.) and allows users to choose the type of citation they want (ex: webpage, book, magazine, newspaper, scholarly journal, etc.).

Students still need to look around in print materials for the necessary information required for a citation and the same goes for web based resources. I find that in doing this lesson it is another great way to get kids to look at the web resources they are using more closely. It forces them to look for authors, dates of last modification, copyright, URLs, and so on. This is a natural fit to reiterate past lessons in evaluating web resources for their quality.

If you know of any other web based citation creation sites out there, I would love them to my list.


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