Huckleberries and Owl Pellets

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Dissecting Owl Pellets


For this investigation, students examined owl pellets, sorted the bones found in them, and compared the bones to human bones. In addition to this, each child created a iMovie. Below are the steps the kids in 3BR used to create the iMovie:

**Filmed their owl pellet disection using the Macbooks and a ‘Huckleberry’
**Edited 40 minutes of footage down to about two minutes
**Deleted the background noise and each child added their own narration
**Added a title slide and exported the i-movie
**Videos were uploaded to the video portal at SAS
**Each child embedded their own i-movie on to our 3BR blog

How we did it:

As with all tech lessons, planning and set up for this lesson  was the key. Thankfully we had the help of a few parent volunteers to helo set up computers with the huckleberries, tape down the dissecting plate, and get the owl pellets to the kids. Taping the plate was important since we had to keep the dissection in the frame of the iSight camera. Here is a shot of the computers all set up at the beginning of the lesson.

When the kids went to their desks after Mrs. Rohrbeck had given instructions all they had to do was hit record in iMovie and then sit down and dissect.

The Finished Products:

Here are a couple of finished movies from 3BR’s Class:

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