5th Graders get SAS Gmail

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One of the mostexciting lessons of 5th grade is when the kids get their SAS school email accounts. I’m nogmail_logo_stylizedt sure why the kids are so jazzed up about it since they all raise their hand when I ask them if they have a personal email account. Maybe it’s because this is their official school email. Anyway, I like the SAS Gmail accounts for a couple reasons.

First, it allows teachers to have a direct link to their students whether they are in class or not. This is also good if school gets shut down unexpectedly for health or natural disasters.

Second, it allows us to talk to the kids about the proper use of professional vs. personal email accounts and how most adults keep these two parts of their lives sperate.

Third, like most everything, it gives us an opportunity to revisit the Student AUP and remind students about cyberbullying and sending/receiving inappropriate content while using SAS technologies.

The SAS Gmails allow us to fully manage student accounts. I can change student password when needed, we can supervise email if concerns arise and it gives SAS students access to the suite of online google apps like Google Docs, etc.

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