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I have started to do a weekly tech roundup here at SAS. I usually include 1-2 integration projects as well as something that teachers can use in their personal lives for their own productivity. Here was my first attempt.

I have started to send out a weekly Friday tech roundup to staff. Here is the first installment

Hey all,
I just wanted to showcase a couple great projects this week. I also want to make this a weekly email thing to showcase the great work going on in all grades of the ES and to share ideas among colleagues. Thanks to Sheehan for the idea and motivation.

**First, hats off to 3BR for completing two different digital photostories in two days. The first link is to an example of a personal narrative that students in her class made using Kidpix to illustrate three pics (beginning, middle, and end) of their personal narrative and MS Photostory to put narration over the pictures and turn it into a movie.

**Second, 3rd grade has been studying bones and muscles so 3BR made group photostories using images of different joints pulled from the Internet. They put these into MS Photostory, narrated them using a script that group members came up with, and saved them as movies. THE BEST PART, THIS PROJECT WAS COMPLETELY DONE BY STUDENTS. After the narrative photostory the kids had the basics of manipulating the software down and were able to fly through this second assignment. Another advantage, they had to script out the narration, a great way to incorporate tech into your writer’s/reader’s workshop activities/lessons.

**Last, but not least, a little tech that you might use for your personal life. The holiday season is upon us and it can be tough buying gifts for family back home.  Fear not. Grandma and Grandpa will love receiving a photo book of your kids and your adventures on this side of the world. Blurb can help.  Keep reading for their link and a description of their services

Blurb is a self-publishing service that allows you to make glossy, professional-grade photo books. This way, you can solve the problem of the hundreds of digital photos sitting in some forgotten folder on your computer and share them with those who are close to you.

Start by downloading their software (it took no time at all) and you are on your way creating your photo books for Grams and Gramps. Hi-res photos take a little time to load, but their system is intuitive and the editing process is fun. A week after you finish they’ll ship you an art store-quality book with your photos (and words) spread across the pages.

As always, have fun and keep the tires on the road.

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