Guitar Lessons Gone Digital

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Ok, I have to admit it, its the tech part of me that is responsible for this but I think my guitar teacher is getting phased out….for my laptop. It isn’t that he is not a good teacher or anything, it is just that I have to pay him and I can get lessons more suited to my goals with the guitar by using my iPhone, my MacBook and Garageband. Here is a breakdown of these three items and how I use them.

  • iPhone-With the advice of our MS band guy here, I paid for cleartune from the iTunes store. Its wasn’t cheap as far as apps go ($3.99) but it has paid for itself after the first time I used it. It is a digital guitar tuner and it works great for a beginner like me who does not have the ear to tune the guitar myself just by playing or tuning with a piano. I also download iPractice for free. It helps with strumming simple chords or practicing scales and does so with a metronome so it helps me play with tempo which is something I find I am not real good at right now. iPractice also helps with chord fingering as it displays tablature as well so when I forget how to play that F chord, it is there at my fingertips
  • MacBook-Ok you need a web browser too and with that the opportunities are endless for online guitar tutorials and help. I find myself using as my metronome. It is free and it is easy to use. Done. Also there are a ton of youtube vids on basic guitar lessons, playing songs, practice lessons, the list literally goes on and on.
  • GarageBand-Oh garageBand, how I love you. I went to the Learn to Play tab when you start a new GBand project and immediately downloaded all the free lessons for beginner guitar. There are also lessons there for learning the guitar. It is pretty sweet. The lsessons are easy to follow and they show the fingering you should be using on a split screen display as the teacher describes the method, strumming, tempo and everything else right there…and he speaks perfect english. Oh yeah, and it is all free and included in Gband. Once I move past these tutorials I will start downloading the song tutorials. These are cool because lets say you want to play Tom Sawyer on the guitar-no problem. Download the lesson and the guy from Rush is there teaching you how to play one of the greatest rock songs ever produced. These cost $4.99 and for the instruction and the way the tablature and lesson is taught they are cheap.

I will probably continue wiht my face to face lessons for a little whill only because they force me to practice when I know that I will be paying for a lessoon and I do not want to kook the things I should have learned and mastered the week before. In the end, as I become mor ecomfortable and can start piecing things together on my own I think I will phase these lessons out though and go it alone and just get together with some friends and play. In the end this all reminds me of Thomas Friedaman’s book, The Earth is Flat, where he says that any job that can be done by a machine or by someone else for cheaper will be and if you have a job where there is someone or something else that can do it for you, you will be replaced.  Sorry Andrew.

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