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by davidsilver

(The above picture has nothing to do with digital literacy)

There are times where I have to force myself out of my office. Between the constant deluge of emails, administering different portal apps that we use here at school and putting out the usual day-to day fires that constantly happen as machine fail or teachers run into problems that they cannot fix on their own with machines, network connections and the like, it makes it hard to get out of the chair and into the halls and classes at times.  However, I am never disappointed when I to go for my “walks”. Today, as an example I managed to have two great conversations with two of my fifth grade teachers- Steve Hanlin and Louise Hughson about 21st century literacy and the skills the kids in 5ht grade and in all of the ES need to have as they move forward in their learning. Certainly we are making good things happen but we fall well short with teaching kids to be digitally literate. We are still teaching our “digital natives” in a analog kind of way that was well suited to the analog 20th century but not so much to the 21st century digital landscape that they are going to face more and more. Largely, I feel, this is due to the fact that our writer’s and reader’s workshop fails to recognize this and in doing so is an outdated model of reading. To ignore digital literacies is to ill-equip our students with the skills they need moving forward her eat SAS especially since once they leave the SAS they are expected to do almost all of the reading and writing on a computer in the 1:1 environment.

So in discussing this came two teachers that are not satisfied that they are doing the best for their kids and want to do more. Music to my ears. So on the schedule is now a series of lessons I will be doing wiht these classes regarding researching and assessing information online, and another on using the laptop as a learning tool for the kids-mostly here howthe can organize notes and information so that they can make it more user firendly to support their own learning. This latter lesson is also a great and easy way for a student to differentiate his/her own learning to best suit their needs. Once I have these lessons under way I will post more about them with examples of what the students are learning and producing.

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