1st Graders go Grocery Shopping…Virtually

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The 1st graders have been busy studying food as of late. As part of their unit they are making informed decisions about foods that healthy vs. foods that might taste good but not be so good for you. Part of these lessons took place in the lab using Kidspiration 2 to make a graphic organizer for the kids. Using a custom template with two shopping carts, kids went “grocery shopping” using the stamps provided in Kidspiration. They were asked to put 10 items into each one of their carts-Healthy and Unhealthy.

It is a very simple lesson indeed but I do think it is effective in getting kids to make choices and it is interesting to see where they draw the line between healthy and unhealthy foods. For example, pizza was a tough one. Think about it. For a young child it has all the healthy parts-Bread, cheese, and pepperoni and or veggies. We teach kids that these are all parts of a healthy diet yet somehow when we put all these ingredients together the pizza can become something not so healthy. And, this in the end, is where the true value of this lesson comes in. the discussions that are generated and the views of the kids on what they view healthy food as is more important than the tech. or the software but it is the tech and software in this case that helps lead us to those conversations.

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