Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-11

  • SumoMe
  • Cino de Mayo!! #
  • working with grade three teachers on year long review and plan. Old teachers stuck in their curriculum #
  • integration/infusion means teachers plan with tech, not add on at end. Uggg, trying not to go postal #
  • @wargoelizabeth WHERE did you snap that pic? Christmas comes early in Shanghai. in reply to wargoelizabeth #
  • @intrepidteacher when I say I get resources from my network, they seriously laugh and ask me if I am serious. It makes me warm and fuzzy. in reply to intrepidteacher #
  • setting up to record 3rd grade lit circles in Audacity #
  • making photostory vids for summative assess. of streamtable/alluvial landforms unit with grade 5’s #
  • Traditional Chinese Puppet Show #
  • good morning. On deck, google custom search 1st grade, kidspiration insect life cycle mapping, 5th grade comic life, 3rd grade newspapers.. #
  • …5th grade Stream table/alluvial landform summative assessments in photostory #
  • @MikeRomard thanks for the link. Good Stuff in reply to MikeRomard #
  • @RobinThailand most of the time it is IT guys, Digi artsy types, hackers and the like, Showing what is going on in ED there might be interst in reply to RobinThailand #
  • @RobinThailand wish I could go but that time of the year is a bit too hectic in reply to RobinThailand #
  • @intrepidteacher I worry about it for myself AND my kids in reply to intrepidteacher #
  • @julielindsay make sure they use headphones :)\ in reply to julielindsay #
  • @wfarren on twitter? Really? C’mon is this really Farren? in reply to wfarren #
  • this is a RT of someone, sorry for not knowing but a list of good sites #
  • skyping in for learning 2.010 meeting here. #L2.010 #
  • @jutecht can we start a skype chat for us connecting virtually Jeff? in reply to jutecht #
  • @adecardy can ytou shoot me your skype name, I understand you are skyping too? in reply to adecardy #
  • @samay99 aren’t you there? in reply to samay99 #
  • @samay99 send it please. I am sorry pookie. No hard feelings, I asked for amanda’s only because I know she is skyping as well I think in reply to samay99 #
  • good conversations happening about Learning 2.010. Wish I was there in person #l2.010 #
  • @#l2.010 I want a beer please #
  • cmon 3:00 #
  • weekend on, taking kid to wushu then to teachers happy hour = free beer. Have a good weekend all, see you back here Monday #
  • happy Monday, 5 more to go I think until Summer #
  • @RobinThailand back to the mutha land. Cali for first week then to Detroit for the rest in reply to RobinThailand #
  • @RobinThailand thanks for the share, fun way to do something like that. in reply to RobinThailand #
  • Apparently we have the highest prom in the world. 90+ floors that is-World Financial Tower #
  • playing with new installation of Elgg #
  • just finished MP3’s for 3rd grade lit circles. #
  • @RobinThailand our 1:1 will start with grade 7-10 next year. We work with carts now in 5th, 1 for each class each cart has 10 computers in reply to RobinThailand #
  • @RobinThailand teachers usually buddy up carts to make for 1:1 in 5th grade. Works well for them but still lacking in the day to day integr in reply to RobinThailand #
  • end of year photostories with first graders, put all their work in as jpgs. nice portfolio piece for the little guys. #
  • w00t! just got new techer macbook. #

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