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If you urgently need me…

If you are among the 1 or 2 people who actually keep up with my blog I can be reached on this beach from now until April 9th. You will find me there with a small blond boy, covered in … Continue reading

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In Response to Warlick’s Question

Please look over at my colleague, Mark Picketts‘ response to Warlick’s posting You just Got the Nod… Some interesting changes that will take place here at Carol Morgan in the near future that should take us a step or two … Continue reading

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Literature circles

This video about conducting literature circles is on Teacher Tube and was made by several of our elementary and middle school staff. Check it out and pass it on to your language arts teachers, reading/writing specialists, or anyone else who … Continue reading

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Alan November Interviews Dr. Yong Zhao: Part I

I highly recommend listening to the newest interview on Alan November’s blog if you can find the time. Some very good forward thinking and analysis about what American schooling is missing in his interview with Dr. Yong Zhao, what we … Continue reading

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Warlick’s got me thinking

Warlick’s post a while ago has had me really thinking for the last week or so about my role and my title. Apparently I was not the only one either since the post “Are Computers a Tool?” has had 11 … Continue reading

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1001 Project Update

What a long strange trip it has been….but we have made it. George, my third grade teacher participating in the 1001 Flat World Tales Project has posted his stories to the CMS Elementary Wiki. I will say this, I am … Continue reading

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A Call to Question

I finally have found some time to update so here goes it. First some updates. I finally have a class here working diligently to catch up and get their 1001 Flat World Tales stories Posted. I have had a lot … Continue reading

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20 Minutes Well Spent

I want to share the link to the Meeting Clay Burell, Terry Smith and I had on Friday afternoon concerning Elementary Schools involvement in the 1001 Flat World Tales Project. The meeting, while very brief (20 minutes) was, as Clay … Continue reading

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What’s Happening?

After reading Jeff Utecht’s blog yesterday titled “We’re gettin there” before leaving school, I knew I had to write the new going’s on here at Carol Morgan. I’m not sure what is going on here in terms of tech. integration, … Continue reading

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