After much consideration, hesitation, and some anxiety…

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Ok, I’ve finally embarked on the start of what I hope will be beginning of an illustrious blog. Alright, I’ll settle for hopefully being somewhat interesting to read. While this platform will serve to illuminate my teaching experiences as an Elementary School Technology Facilitator at the Carol Morgan School in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. it has been lately through reading of many blogs that I have realized that feel like I know less now about teaching and education than I did when I started teaching middle school science 5 years ago. Specifically, lately I have been swept up in the many conversations and blogs covering the emerging technologies and pedagogy surrounding Web 2.0. I feel like right now we are on the cusp of an incredible events in education and culture that will forever serve to shape our futures and our students’ futures as well. Needless to say, at times I find myself overwhelmed, intimidated and at utterly confused by what I know, what I thought I knew and how much I still have little knowledge about. Anyway, it is late so check in for my rantings, ravings, admissions, confessions, the occasional life blog and or surf/kitesurf entry. Somehow it all fits together…well at least in physics right?

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  1. mscofino says:

    Welcome Jeff!

    I feel exactly the same way :) Blogging has helped a lot, but every day there is more information to discover. And yet we only have the same 24 hours each day to digest it all…

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